The Debate On Weightlifting And Your Child’s Height

Published / by Daniel Jacks

does-weight-training-stunt-your-growthWeightlifting is generally not integrated into physical education classes for children. This is largely due to the fact that people believe that lifting weights is dangerous for children as well as harmful to them. Weights, it is believed, damage growth plates in young bodies and prevent them from developing properly.

More About Weightlifting And Children

The New York Times has reported that weightlifting is an ineffective exercise regimen for children and teens. This is because younger people do not build muscle the same way that adults build muscle. It is also widely believed that weights actually stunt growth in children, and prevent them from growing to normal heights.

The Experts Weigh In

As recently as November 2010, “Pediatrics” magazine published a thorough study on children and weightlifting. It turns out that after an analysis of over 60 years of data, there was no real risk to a child’s growth or health from weightlifting. In fact, WebMD has asserted this claim with one exception. Children do need to make use of weights in exercise regimens carefully. As long as caution is heeded, children can actually benefit from weightlifting workouts.

How Children Benefit

Weightlifting helps children build muscle mass and helps them develop endurance. Weights also help strengthen bones and improve bone density for life. More muscle mass means a higher rate of metabolism, which also helps children regulate body weight. Weight exercises even help promote healthy blood pressure levels.

Despite the old myths having been debunked about weightlifting, you might want to delay your child from starting a weightlifting routine. But, there are alternatives to weightlifting that can help children build muscle and strength. One option is to use resistance tubes. The use of resistance tubes and bands in exercise routines is an effective way to build strength with little to no risk of injury. Children can also use sit-ups, squats, and pushups to build strength.

Some Things To Consider

Weightlifting is safe for children and will not stop them from growing normally. However, be aware that the stress on the body during weightlifting could damage some parts of a child’s body. Be careful the child uses appropriate weights in the correct manner and form. As long as the correct techniques are in place, your child can benefit from weightlifting exercise routines.

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